I offer over 20 years of experience in business management and accounting.  I provide bookkeeping and business related services to various small businesses ranging from construction to those in the medical profession, property management, real estate, marketing and material suppliers (for example).  Having owned a successful, commercial construction business, I spent years managing all aspects of this entity from paperwork to projects to personnel.  In addition, I both managed and executed all aspects of bookkeeping within this business.  My years of business and accounting experience, college degree in accounting, ongoing professional affiliations in the field of bookkeeping and accounting along with the clients that I service enable me to offer the background, experience and understanding necessary to provide professional bookkeeping services to your firm with confidence and integrity

Books in Balance...
If you are a business of one person or a business of one hundred, proper bookkeeping is essential in the equation for success.  Regular bookkeeping includes billing for your products and services in a timely manner to improve cash flow and for better consistency in receiving timely payments.  The reconciliation of bank and credit card accounts will allow you to achieve better financial understanding and control.  Tracking your assets as well as your liabilities are essential in order to understand your business and where it stands financially.  Proper bookkeeping helps to provide information to your bank and lending institutions along with your insurance and bonding providers.  When the information is in your books, you will eliminate and replace the guesswork with the knowledge of your financial picture.  With your bookkeeping in order you will be able to concentrate with confidence on the other aspects of your business that matter most.

My services are unique to your needs. If your business employs 1-100 employees my job is to keep you in balance.  If you would prefer to spend your time concentrating on your business, management and sales, it is well worth hiring the services of a knowledgeable and experienced bookkeeper. 

My services range from one time assistance and consultation with bookkeeping and/or QuickBooks setup, to regular bookkeeping sessions.  This means that you and your business have the flexibility to schedule and render services based on the individual needs of your company.  From an hour to a few hours to several  hours of bookkeeping services based on daily, weekly or monthly increments (or variations thereof).

Some businesses require my services in one or two areas in respect to bookkeeping while other businesses may require the full spectrum of what I offer.  My services offer the flexibility that you require and I will gladly assist in helping to determine and set up the best servicing program to fit your needs.  I am flexible to work from my own office or at your office if preferred and based on your individual needs.  I offer cloud services which will allow you to securely provide data and files from wherever you or your business may be located in order to save time, travel and speed up the result process.  I also offer experience in remote services where through a remote connection I am able to log onto a computer system in your own office and maintain select elements or full scale bookkeeping services depending on your needs, set up options, comfort level and flexibility.

                                                 Steve Martin 

                                                                                   Bookkeeping Services

Flexible and personalized services.  Over two decades of business management and routine accounting experience


   Bookkeeping and Routine Accounting:

  •   Accounts Payable
  •   Accounts Receivable
  •   Billing Services
  •   Financial Report Preparation
  •   Bank Account Reconciliation
  •   Credit Card Account Reconciliation
  •   Sales Tax Filing
  •   QuickBooks and Bookkeeping Consulting, Setup and Assistance
  •   File Maintenance and Updating
  •   Journal Entries, Monthly and Year End Preparation
  •   1099's      
  •   Credit and other Financial Applications
  •   Audit Document Organization and Preparation  
  •   Workman's Compensation Audit Reporting                   
  •   Liaison to Your Tax Accountant and Other Financial Professionals