Pricing schedule:

All ceremony packages include ceremony planning assistance and a package of customizable ceremony options and ideas available to all clients by mail or email as well as an optional in-person consultation and unlimited telephone and email consultation.  As required by State law I, as a Notary Public will file your fully executed Wedding License with the issuing municipality within 7 business days following your ceremony. All ceremonies include a keepsake document suitable for framing. 

Elopement Ceremony: 
Elopements are typically swift services for those that wish to have a quick, simple ceremony without any hassles and very little (if any) planning.  Same day services are available.  A valid, State of Maine Marriage License and two witnesses are required (Witnesses in certain cases can be provided if necessary for an additional charge).  Elopements are performed at my residence in Portland and apply to the Bride, Groom and two additional witness in attendance.  $125.00

Ceremonies with 20 Guests or Less: 
Featuring the same scope of services that the Full Service, Customized Ceremony Package offers (see below), this service is for weddings that are typically a bit more low key and intimate.  From the Bride, Groom, two witnesses and 0 - 20 guests in attendance.  Same day services are available.  Ceremonies are performed at the location of your choice in the Greater Portland area and surrounding communities. I will provide sample ceremony variations and if you choose, will work with you to plan and create your vows and the ceremony wording that fits your tastes and vision.  $175.00

Full Service, Customized Ceremony: 

Full service ceremonies are performed at the location of your choice in the Greater Portland area and surrounding communities.  Clients are always welcome to an optional, in-person consultation.  I can provide many sample ceremony variations and if you choose, will work with you to plan and create your vows and the ceremony wording that fits your tastes and vision.  Sample ceremonies can be used as they are presented (in booklet or PDF format) and can be customized with the wording and elements that best fit you.  Couples are always welcome to compose their own vows or use portions of the provided sample vows to incorporate any traditions that they might wish from readings to music and beyond.  I am always open to and offer guidance in incorporating unity candles, sand blending, rose and hand fasting along with other ceremony variations that offer commitments involving children and that recognize other loved ones.  I have experience in many variations of wedding ceremonies and am always open to traditions that may not be new to you, but are new to me!  $225.00

Wedding Rehearsal Add: $75.00

  • Travel Fees apply to ceremonies taking place 1/2 hour outside of Portland at $1.00 per mile

                                              Wedding Officiant Services

Weddings...A Specialty!  Personalized Wedding Ceremonies

Over 20 years experience as a wedding professional with hundreds of ceremonies performed!

As a Notary Public I perform marriage ceremonies for all types and styles of weddings.  From simple, intimate ceremonies to large, traditional affairs.  Each wedding is always an honor and a privilege.  I am proud to have performed hundreds of ceremonies in all sorts of locations from inns and hotels, bed and breakfasts to churches, parks, function halls, back yards, boats, pubs, barns and more!  I offer over 20 years of experience in the wedding and planning field and am privileged to have the authority in which to officiate weddings.

Each wedding is as individual as the couple planning to wed.  I am happy to assist and offer experience and guidance in planning your wedding ceremony.  I will provide you with the information and tools to help you to choose your vows or write your own vows if you wish.  Each wedding ceremony is customized to your tastes and should match the vision that you have for this very special day.  I offer as much or as little guidance as you need and will help to create a ceremony that will express and highlight the elements that are most important to you.

My services are offered to all couples with a valid, State of Maine Marriage License regardless of religion, race or sexual orientation.